G# UML Plug-in Installation

1.       Install the G# Framework (download from http://www.addq.se/gsharp).

2.       Install WhiteStarUML (download from http://WhiteStarUML.sourceforge.net). Make sure you have set decimal point to '.' and not ',' in your reginal settings in Windows. WhiteStarUML require this.

3.       Unzip the G#UML Plug-in zip-file.

4.       Run the G#UMLPluginInstaller.vi. Make sure WhiteStarUML is not running and that you have administrator rights. In Windows 7 and Vista, you may need to launch LabVIEW.exe as ‘Run as administrator’ (even though you have administrator rights) by right-clicking LabVIEW.exe in the Windows Explorer and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

5.       Press ‘Install’.

6.       Restart LabVIEW.

7.       Done!

Files will be installed in the following places:


·         Examples


·         G# UML – LabVIEW code generators and analyzers. Depends on the G# IDE.


·         WhiteStarUML integration packages and help-files.


1.       Run the G#UMLPluginInstaller.vi in the installation zip-file. Make sure WhiteStarUML is not running.

2.       Press ‘Uninstall’.

3.       Restart LabVIEW.

4.       Done!