G# UML Plug-in

AddQ's award-winning and free plugin to G# will take your code design process to the next level. Use professional code design tools to automatically generate LabVIEW-code, or reverse the process to generate UML from LabVIEW-code.


UML is a widely used language that provides a standard way to visualize the design of a system. Visit http://www.uml.org/ for more information.


Main Features:

·         Generate code – Automatically generate LabVIEW-code from UML class diagrams.

·         Reverse-engineer – Automatically generate UML class diagrams from LabVIEW-code.


The plugin supports many commonly used UML and LabVIEW/G# features to make your UML represent your code as close as possible. Both G# and LabVIEW-native classes are supported. This includes UML classes and their relations, as well as attributes, methods and method parameters.


The plugin supports WhiteStarUML for creating UMLs. WhiteStarUML is an open source tool and is a continuation of StarUML, which has been the ruling open-source UML tool for many years. It integrates into WhiteStarUML, which makes it easy to design and maintain the LabVIEW G# code in a professional UML design tool. Visit http://WhiteStarUML.sourceforge.net for more information about WhiteStarUML.



Awarded LabVIEW Add-On of the Year 2011

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